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Our Story

For years Paul & Donna Christensen had dreamed of living on the Texas Gulf Coast. Besides hoping to move to a small town, their plans included the unusual desire of locating an old downtown commercial building and restoring/remodeling the structure.  In 2010, a multi-year Internet search led them to Palacios and the building at 456 […]


The following information is excerpted from the original Recorded Texas Historic Landmark (RTHL) narrative on the W.C. Williams Building W. C. Williams Building I Context Palacios is situated on State Highway 35 halfway between Houston and Corpus Christi in the southwestern corner of Matagorda County. The town is also on Tres Palacios Bay (after which it is named), an […]


Many people had a hand in building and preserving the W. C. Williams building over the years. The contributions of these folks and their interest in and contribution to the life of the structure is the reason we can celebrate its survival to this day. Each person had a part in the history of the […]